Orwin Raccoon version 1

This is the first suit I created. After attending both Confurence 8 and 9, and meeting Chairo, Nicodemus, and Uck, I was convinced this was really something I wanted to try, and I thank them for their help, and guidance on getting into the whole fursuit scene and mascotting in general. 'Supercoon' inspired me enough to try and make my own suit. Starting with just a block of foam, some web sites, email contact and a utility knife, work on my first fursuit begain...Much to the displeasure of my parents once there was foam absolutely everywhere from this project. Overall for my first attempt and having very little help other than via talking to others through email I think it turned out pretty well. I have been tempted to recarve him on several occasions but since this was my first suit...I felt it best to just leave it as it is...as an example of where I started. I have done a few modificates to this suit including improved eyes, that consist of a mesh background, and sunglass lenses for the dark parts. I have not worn this suit in a long time...I feel the new one is much better, but one never knows when I might feel nostalgic and bring him out again sometime, as he is still in really good condition. One thing I do always try to stress with people who are interested in this hobby...try to at least build one of your own suits...if it fails...you can at least say you tried. You appreciate the work that goes into these suits alot more if you have the hands on experience of creating the character you wear.

Orwin at the first Further Confusion