Baz Bear

Baz is my newest costume and was first seen at Further Confusion 2004.  Baz I will admit was a rush job at the end and for the convention he really didn't look the way he was supposed to...he wasn't finished yet.  I was scrambling in the room Thursday night still trying to stitch the head and get the suit at least wearable.  He was wearable but really didn' t look all that great.  Later Frizbee volunteered to redo the eyes and refine things a little and this is the way he has stayed. I would soon like to redo Baz's eyes, as they should be more of a teardropped shape to make him look less bugeyed.  Dogz gets credit for designing a bit of the look of Baz, and I thank him for doing the Brother Bear comission I based this suit on.  This is the first suit I built that actually had some half decent materials used on it.  Thanks to Whitefox for obtaining the materials and Frizbee for assistance with the body construction.  This suit was made in under a month.
Baz's main use is for the Helping Pawz charity group. He has attented the Terry Fox Run at Swanguard stadium, The Global World of Smiles Telethon, Langley Hospice Society's fundraiser marathon, and participated in the half-time program at the Whitecaps soccer family day, mascot soccer game.
Baz at Further Confusion 2005  Baz at Further Confusion 2005  Baz at Further Confusion 2005  Baz at Burnaby Terry Fox Run 2004  Baz's head before furring